Paul Hart | The Fens

Hart's debut exhibition in the USA opens at the Etherton Gallery

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Paul Hart | Brothertoft Hall, 2019

The Fens, originally a region of low-lying marshland in the east of England, has been artificially drained over centuries to provide some of Britain’s most fertile agricultural land. It is a landscape of agribusiness with monoculture at it’s core, defined by human migration and long-term reclamation from the sea. Paul Hart has photographed the area for over ten years resulting in the three-part series : FARMED (2009-15) DRAINED (2016-17) and RECLAIMED (2018-19).

Paul Hart | Staunt Road, 2017

British photographer Paul Hart (b. 1961) is interested in our relationship with the landscape from both a cultural and an environmental perspective. His work examines human-altered topography and our occupation and stewardship of the land, usually concentrating on one specific geographical region where he photographs intensively over a number of years. He works primarily with the black and white analogue process, using large and medium format film cameras, and his practice involves all aspects of the photographic process from the negative through to the gelatin silver print.

Paul Hart | Northlands, 2017

The Etherton Gallery is a long-standing member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD). Since 1981 the gallery has showcased the icons of the history of photography as well as contemporary artists changing its course, participating in fine art photography fairs including the AIPAD Photography Show NY, Classic Photographs LA, and Paris Photo.

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