By submitting your work, you get the chance to be showcased in our online exhibitions and on our special Featured Submissions page. In addition, you get the opportunity to get featured in our online magazine issues. If you'd like to get featured in Artdoc Magazine, there are many opportunities for Members available, as outlined below.

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Open Calls

Image © Anastasia Dutova | Lines of Life series

Expressive Nature

We invite photographers to submit to our open call, Expressive Nature. This call for photography seeks to delve into the emotional and artistic resonance of the natural world as seen through the artist's lens.

Submission Deadline: 19 August 2024

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Magazine Features

By submitting your work to our Magazine Features Open Call, you get the opportunity to be featured in our online magazine issues and to receive an invitation for a portfolio interview.

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Image © Hanne Jones Solfjeld

Art Photography

How does your approach to art photography look like? What is your unique imagery of the world? How do you visually connect to life? Submit your lens-based visual artwork to Artdoc Photography Magazine.

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Image © Alessio Pellicoro

Documentary Stories

We ask photographers to submit their documentary projects that show the world in a new, engaging style. Submit your documentary photo projects to Artdoc Photography Magazine.

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