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© Alessio Pellicoro | À l’ombre des forêts

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Our world is in a constant flux of change, with unrivalled challenges for humanity. In our time, we face many big and small social, political and human issues that need to be addressed, but foremost need to be seen afresh. Documentary photography is the ultimate tool to record and show the world and explain humanity to men. What is your innovative photographic response to our time? We ask photographers to submit their documentary projects that show the world in a new, engaging style. Submit your documentary photo projects to Artdoc Photography Magazine.

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Artdoc is by any means entitled to refuse publication of entries that do not fit within the ethical and aesthetic parameters of the magazine. Offensive images in terms of politics, race, gender and or women’s issues can meet refusal by the board. Explicit nudity and images of overtly submissive postures have the risk of being rejected.

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