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This issue of Artdoc Magazine, Invisible Threads, delves into the profound concept of our emotional and psychological connections with our past, countries, and families, as well as our shared beliefs and backgrounds. These invisible threads weave universal connections between people worldwide. Lee-Ann Olwage's work gravitates around gender and identity, and she touches upon the issue of dementia. Parisa Azadi returned to her homeland and found private moments of inner emotions reflecting the country’s challenging times. Danila Tkachenko photographed Ukrainian refugees before tourist landmarks in Europe against backdrops showing the devastation of their country.

Invisible Threads

Issue nr. 3 2024
In Artdoc Photography Magazine Issue #2 2024 Human Narratives, we let you delve into photography's capacity to narrate the universal human condition. Artdoc Magazine invites you to explore human narratives and the emotions they evoke. We showcase images by photographers worldwide, conveying intimate stories of human experiences. These images speak to our shared experiences and feelings. We highlight the art of photography that recognises the universal stories that connect us all.

Human Narratives

Issue nr. 2 2024
In this Artdoc Photography Magazine issue #1 2024, Creative Photography, we bring photographic art that explores innovative approaches, showing the world in a new light. We interviewed two photographic artists who use light and beauty to elevate us beyond chaos and tension: Isabelle Menin and Christy Lee Rogers. Also, we bring the artist duo Lori Nix & Kathleen Gerber, who created dioramas with apocalyptic scenes. See also the many gifted artists experimenting with various photographic processes, like stitching prints, alienating hyperrealism, photographic distortion, photocollages, and high-voltage techniques.

Creative Photography

Issue nr. 1 2024
In this Artdoc Magazine issue 6 2023, The Personal Lens, we highlight artists who show the world through a subjective lens. The art of photography is the art of a personal lens, addressing the complexities of our existence—photographers of flesh and blood, with emotions and empathy for the world around them. Featured in this issue are Jose Ibarra Rizo, Oli Kellett, and Fumi Nagasaka. We proudly show the talented photographers Daniel Staveley, Mariëtte Aernoudts, Arrayah Loynd, Jiatong Lu, Joana Dionísio, Lisa Murray, Jia Hao, Maartje Martisan, Jakob Eckstein, Rianne Tegelaar, and Lingxue Hao.

The Personal Lens

Issue nr. 6 2023
Nature possesses an innate and profound healing power. The serene rustle of leaves in a forest, the gentle lapping of waves along a shore, and the vibrant hues of wildflowers can soothe the human soul. The beauty of natural landscapes has always been seen and captured by painters and photographers. In this issue 5, 2023 Healing Nature, of Artdoc Magazine, we highlight gifted artists who show their specific relation to the healing powers of nature. They made images that not only depict natural landscapes but also enter into the spiritual energy of nature. We humans need healing from the many wounds of modern life. And thankfully, the art of photography has a soothing and consoling quality. Featured in issue 5 2023, Healing Nature: Marc Wilson, Jason DeMarte, Ara Oshagan, Christine Simpson, Jennifer Graham, Jaume Llorens i Bach, Joel Simpson, Julia Casesnoves, Alessio Pellicoro, Debora Lombardi, Yuliana Paranko, Tommaso Moni, and Ellen Jantzen.

Healing Nature

Issue nr. 5 2023
In this Artdoc Issue, we bring photographers who work with shapes, lines and colours to express emotions and stories in their photographs. Italian artist Noemi Comi uses alienating purple and turquoise colours to convey the mysterious tale of the Werewolves. Spanish photographer Andrés Gallardo Albajar photographed stunning architecture full of vibrant lines. In his series Urban Geometry, he documented dazzling cityscapes in many countries. British documentary photographer James Deavin found colourful scenes in the sandy backyard of Saudi Arabia, telling human stories of the large, unknown country.

Shapes and Colours

Issue nr. 4 2023
The enigma of life has captivated the human mind for centuries. Throughout history, philosophers and scientists have grappled with the enigmas of the universe. Artists embrace the mystery of life as an invitation to explore and marvel at the complexity surrounding us. In this issue of Artdoc Magazine, Enigma of Life, a photo basel special, we bring photographers who have cultivated a sense of wonder and curiosity, combining it with a critical position towards art history, environment, and politics. ‍Featured: Zak van Biljon, Elina Brotherus, Michal Chelbin.

Enigma of Life

Issue nr. 3 2023
In the past, people used to write down their daily experiences in diaries, but in our visual age, we use photography to record our lives. The visual diary has become a common practice of modern storytelling. In recent times photographers and artists have used this form of private visual storytelling to get hold of their lives and past, which seldom appears to be troublesome and traumatic. In this issue of Artdoc Magazine, we interviewed three artists who dived into their family past and found secrets, broken stories, and haunting demons. Featured: JP Terlizzi • Carolle Bénitah • Astrid Reischwitz

Visual Diary

Issue nr. 2 2023
In Artdoc Magazine Issue #1 2023, we bring photographers who do not replicate the world but reshape it with concepts, abstractions, and visions. Daniel Gordon constructs paper-cut tableaux that transform reality. Shinya Masuda creates still lifes with decaying flowers and fruits, symbolising the passage of time. Nadezda Nikolova makes abstract landscapes with wet collodion plates, translating her spiritual experience in nature. Our exhibition, Conceptual Photography, is a collection of evocative and metaphorical images.

Conceptual Visions

Issue nr. 1 2023
In Artdoc Magazine Issue #6 2022, we bring four portfolios of photographers who work with alternative processes. Ian Ruhter built a camera truck and made giant ambrotype and tintype plates. Marguerite Bornhauser and Svetlana Talanova use analogue techniques like photograms. Gaëlle Cueff uses collages and wax paining. Moreover, we present gifted photographers who reacted to our open call with a wide variety of virtuoso work.

Alternative Process

Issue nr. 6 2022
In this Artdoc issue “Colours of life”, we bring the work of photographers for whom colours contain particular connotations. Photographers from countries worldwide show that colours are an intrinsic component of our daily life. The colours of life express emotions and symbolically contain various meanings. Featured: Cig Harvey, Alanna Airitam, Melanie Issaka, Aušra Pečiūrien, Cynthia Martinez, Josef Bürgi, Dmitry Oskin, Maryam Turaki, and Jacqueline Walters.

Colours of life

Issue nr. 5 2022
In Artdoc issue #4 2022, we bring photographers who worked around the concept of identity. Justin Kimball shows the American life of distress and hope. Marion Gronier made portraits of three major constitutional ethnic groups in America. Alys Tomlinson showed local pre-Christian rituals on Italian islands. Aaron Schuman created his own version of Italy. Finally, Maxime Taillez made pictures of the French borders that have lost their old function.

Image and Identity

Issue nr. 4 2022
The artists in this Artdoc issue #3, 2022, investigated the intrinsic value of our natural environment. Featured photographers are: Albarrán Cabrera, Doug and Mike Starn, Rebecca Najdowski, Mark Ruwedel and Gino Bühler. This Artdoc issue brings photo art that echoes the whispering voice of nature.

Voice of Nature

Issue nr. 3 2022
Since the invasion of Russia into Ukraine, many people realize they are not acquainted with the photography of the eastern European country. Therefore, Artdoc dedicates this issue, War and Peace, to the prolific Ukrainian photographers, whose pictures are highly creative and sensitive. In this issue, we bring Maxim Dondyuk, Serhii Korovayny, Viktoria Sorochinski, Polina Polikarpova, Yelena Yemchuk, Oksana Parafeniuk and many others. They show pictures of bygone peacetimes and the present ongoing war. The art of photography, whether humanistic, staged, surrealistic or narrative, bridges people from different nations.

War and Peace

Issue nr. 2 2022
Artdoc Issue #1 2022, The Artivists, brings the views of artivist photographers about topics like justice, environment and genocide. We present two major projects of Gideon Mendel about the devastating effect of climate change. In addition, we show the work of Jan Banning, who is fighting for the release of an innocent prisoner. Barry Salzman visualises traumas of modern-day holocausts, photographing landscapes at different sites of genocide. Finally, Nicolas Boyer shows the dark side of everyday life in Japan. In the face of the recent horrific developments, the work of honest photographers remains highly relevant.

The Artivists

Issue nr. 1 2022
In this last issue of the year, Artdoc Photography Magazine presents the vision of female photographers. Female photographers have a great capacity for empathy with which they metaphorically portray the world of emotions and personal experiences. Through the camera lens, they do not record factual reality but they show their expressive and subjective vision of the turbulent world. Featured in Issue 6 Female Visions: Rania Matar, Cecilia Reynoso, Katja Liebmann, Catherine Dovellos, Daria Dar, Maura Jamieson, Lara Gilks and Paula Rae Gibson.

Female Visions

Issue nr. 6 2021
In this issue #5, Artdoc brings the photographer as the lens-based artist, who shows us the reality we tend to overlook. Michele Borzoni photographs the often hidden places where people work. Peter Bialobrzeski showed the chaos in the outskirts of Mumbai. Dario Mitidieri photographed Syrian families in an open-air studio. Chloe Sells constructs landscapes with layers of textures and colours to express her experience of nature. And the exhibition Lens Based Art shows the work of experimental photographers.

Lens Based Art

Issue nr. 5 2021
In Artdoc Issue #4 2021we bring photographers who investigate our complex reality. French photographer Mathieu Asselin said this about his documentary project Monsanto: a photographic investigation: “You can have your own truth, but you cannot have your own facts.” Indian photographer Alakananda Nag delved into her city’s history, concluding that the Armenians could be the founding fathers of Calcutta. French photographer Florian Ruiz distorted his images as a metaphor for the environmental distortion of the radioactive sites in China. The Artdoc exhibition Documentary Stories shows different photographers who all engage in new ways of visual storytelling. In his essay, Koray Değirmenci discusses the validity of the manipulated digital image. We should read modern multi-layered photographs as metaphors of invisible realities.

Invisible Realities

Issue nr. 4 2021
In many parts of the world, humans are looking for a better life in political freedom, social justice, and happiness. In Artdoc Issue #3-2021, we bring stories of defectors, refugees and survivors. Tim Franco photographed North Korean defectors in Seoul. Charlotte Schmitz took images of refugees arriving at the Greek islands. In Peru, Max Cabello Orcasitas captured the grief of the survivors of the battles between the government and the Shining Path. Sébastien Cuvelier searched for Paradise in Iran and found walled gardens. Finally, Simon Norfolk photographed the struggle against global warming in the Swiss glaciers.

Where is Paradise?

Issue nr. 3 2021
Is documentary photography art? In Artdoc Issue #2-2021, we bring artistic approaches to documentary photography. First, Cuban photographer, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, shows that national identity is a construction of collected memories. Next, Chris Dorley-Brown digitally blended many shots of East London corners into realistic and natural photographs. Romanian photographer Roxana Savin staged her pictures of the monotonous life in a gated residence. Argentinian photographer Guillermo Srodek-Hart photographed the many old rural bars and shops in his country. Finally, Russian photojournalist Valery Melnikov documented the last Armenian inhabitants of the self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh.

Art and Documentary

Issue nr. 2 2021
Artdoc Photo Magazine issue #1 2021 is dedicated to the city and all its manifold manifestations. Modern cities are full of signs, and sensitive photographers are dealing with these signs in their images. Due to the pandemic, cities became desolated during the many lockdowns and, therefore, even more enigmatic. Read and see our city special.

Empty Metropolis

Issue nr. 1 2021
Photography is increasingly seen as a form of visual storytelling, whether it is the photographer's personal story, told in metaphors and symbols, or a story about the social and political world told through the lives of people in the remotest corners of the world. This issue of Artdoc brings famous, seasoned and award-winning storytellers who all made documentary stories about our dire world. We feature Alec Soth, Bryan Schutmaat, Yann Mingard, Federico Borella, and Martin Thaulow.

Documentary Storytelling

Issue nr. 6 2020
In Artdoc Photo Magazine Issue #5 2020, we bring stories that treat different aspects of human life. Andres Serrano photographed homeless people in the streets of Brussels. Gregg Segal shows children from all over the world surrounded by the food they eat. Nelson Morales brings his project about muxes, people considered to be a third gender. The exhibition Human Beings, not Human Skins, is an answer to the global phenomenon of racism. The essay The Selfie as a Neoliberal Commodity explains why we take selfies.‍

Human Stories

Issue nr. 5 2020
The Anthropocene is the epoch in which humans have a profound influence on the climate. Since awareness of the pollution of the environment has arisen, a movement has emerged that practices a critical look at invisible pollution by humans. In this Artdoc issue, we bring the work of photographers concerned with climate and environmental developments, like water constructions, drought, mining and oil spills in pristine landscapes. In this issue we feature Claudius Schulze, Jasper Bastian, Nadia Bseiso, Igor Tereshkov and Ellen Jantzen.

Anthropocene Epoch

Issue nr. 4 2020
We have the honour to bring in Issue #3 of Artdoc Photo Magazine three protagonists in modern photography: Stephen Shore, John Riddy and Roger Ballen. The article "The eidos of photography” analyses the book Camera Lucida of philosopher Roland Barthes.‍

The Essence of Photography

Issue nr. 3 2020
In Artdoc Photo Magazine Issue #2 2020, we bring a mix of photography about our complex relationship with nature. Wendi Schneider and Ali Shokri bring a homage to the trees. Naohiro Ninomiya and Jennifer Graham show poetic and layered photos of nature and birds. As a special feature, you can read what Sebastião Salgado says about his magnum opus Genesis. In our group exhibition, the Japanese Garden we bring photographers around the theme of reflection and tranquillity of nature. You can also read about the theory of the photograph as a metaphor, based on the theory of Minor White.‍

Japanese Garden

Issue nr. 2 2020
In issue #1 2020, we bring photographers for whom the image is a way of expressing the provocative, abrasive and inquisitive relationship with the world. The Norwegian Ole Marius Joergensen made Hopper like scenes, depicting his melancholic feeling of never arriving at the goal. The Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf uses photography as a medium to tell stories that connect his inner life with the world around him. His cinematic images, representing emotions of modern times, are aesthetic and confronting at the same time. In Photo Culture we bring an introduction to the semiology of photography, the theory that analyses the often-hidden way in which images communicate. And our online exhibition Beyond Aesthetics shows the vision on beauty of ten experimental photographers.‍

Beyond Aesthetics

Issue nr. 1 2020
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