Healing Nature

Issue nr. 5 2023

Nature possesses an innate and profound healing power. The serene rustle of leaves in a forest, the gentle lapping of waves along a shore, and the vibrant hues of wildflowers can soothe the human soul. The beauty of natural landscapes has always been seen and captured by painters and photographers. In this issue 5, 2023 Healing Nature, of Artdoc Magazine, we highlight gifted artists who show their specific relation to the healing powers of nature. They made images that not only depict natural landscapes but also enter into the spiritual energy of nature. We humans need healing from the many wounds of modern life. And thankfully, the art of photography has a soothing and consoling quality. Featured in issue 5 2023, Healing Nature: Marc Wilson, Jason DeMarte, Ara Oshagan, Christine Simpson, Jennifer Graham, Jaume Llorens i Bach, Joel Simpson, Julia Casesnoves, Alessio Pellicoro, Debora Lombardi, Yuliana Paranko, Tommaso Moni, and Ellen Jantzen.

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