4th Fotofestival Lenzburg

© Mary Ellen Mark

The Fotofestival 2021 will once again bring the world of photography to Lenzburg for an entire month and expand its horizons with new exhibition venues, international partnerships and world-famous authors. Pictures are something like the Esperanto of our time. In a certain way, we speak the same language with photos, we all have the same access. This year, the Fotofestival Lenzburg will be a cultural event with the planned exhibitions of outstanding photographic positions and projects as well as the continuing events, workshops and expert discussions.As we all know only too well and have witnessed ourselves, there have been enormous changes and unprecedented challenges in all areas of life since the beginning of 2020 and well into 2021: Everything that we hold dear, that we take for granted, that gives us support, or gives us a sense of security, has been challenged and compromised. Our sources of happiness, well- being, income, knowledge, recreation and confidence have become problem areas. Our daily needs and normal habits have put us at risk. And yet nothing seems more human than wanting to look after our families, friends and our own well-being, even if that means staying at one place, limiting our mobility and personal freedoms, and restricting access to life's many small pleasures.

All this, without a clear perspective and orientation that gives us a sense of confidence in the finite nature of this condition. However, absence of certain things shows us what is essential for us. These are the sources of our humanity and the resources of our daily life. Of the material as well as the immaterial. With a regained awareness of who we are and what we want, we can begin anew. The origin of a better future is always in the now. And photography is the perfect medium to contemplate this moment, to reflect on the past and project it onto what is to come.

Our currently broadened horizon offers us an enormous range of topics. It triggers hope, longing, imagination and anticipation. For the next two editions, the Fotofestival Lenzburg will explore the theme of resources and develop an artistic approach that seeks to capture the spirit of this moment. The fourth edition of the festival puts a special focus on women photographers and their works. It is about the aspects of being a woman and their formative impact on the world we live in.

Once again, the festival aims to draw the attention of everyone - experts and the public - to a topic that touches everyone on a different level. At the same time, renowned photographers and emerging talents are invited to share their visions. The Fotofestival Lenzburg is in close cooperation with numerous institutions and aims to give photography as much space as possible.

The main exhibition of this year's festival, curated by the internationally renowned Anne Morin, is called "The Lives of Women" and shows pictures by the American photographer Mary Ellen Mark.

It is being shown in Switzerland for the first time in 20 years - at the Stapferhaus, which was recently awarded the European Museum Prize. A passionate witness, Mark's work was to delve deeply into the lives of others through photography and film to capture their humanity and share it with a wider public, giving her subjects a weighty and often effective voice. "The Lives of Women" brings together many of these works from the last half-century and shows a touching diversity of women and their fates. This exhibition is organized together with our partners Stapferhaus and diChroma Photography. At the Stapferhaus, it is shown until 28 November.

More informations and programme: www.fotofestivallenzburg.ch

September 4, 2021
October 3, 2021
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