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© Erik Madigan

Erik Madigan Heck in conversation with Andrew Sanigar

Erik Madigan Heck, one of the most prolific and successful fashion photographers working today will be in conversation with Andrew Sanigar, Thames & Hudson Commissioning Editor. They discuss Erik’s career, his art and fashion publication Nomenus and his many creative collaborations.


Sebastião Salgado x Alan Riding

Sebastião Salgado

Wed 29 Apr

In this conversation, Sebastião Salgado and Alan Riding delve into Salgado’s new TASCHEN Collector’s Edition book, Gold, a portfolio of his photographs from the 1980s gold rush in Brazil.

Image: Gold mine of Serra Pelada, state of Pará, Brazil, 1986. © Sebastião Salgado.

Erwin Olaf x Erik van Ginkel

Fri 1 May
Erwin Olaf’s oeuvre has long been inspired by the Dutch Golden Age of painting. He speaks with Erik van Ginkel - Director of Finance and Operations of the Rijksmuseum and photography enthusiast - about his work, his inspiration, and his 2019 exhibition at the famous Dutch museum.

© Erwin Olaf, Hope – Portrait 5, 2005. Acquired by the Rijksmuseum thanks to BankGiro Lottery players. © Erwin Olaf
April 22, 2020
May 1, 2020
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