Higashikawa International Photo Festival

People are moved by encounters with nature, culture, and other people. If a camera is brought into these encounters, it brings out their eternal qualities and makes it possible to share the excitement with other people. These photographic encounters generate stories that celebrate humanity and extol nature. With a camera, anyone can turn into a poet or become capable of wordless communication.In order to provide opportunities for the emotional excitement that comes with photography, we the residents of Higashikawa hope to create a new world that embodies the best of the four seasons in our town, to build a community with heart that is open to the people of the world and a place that is truly photogenic. Our town is located on a blessed spot of earth, and we want to preserve forever our spectacular scenery and magnificent natural environment, with its abundant flora and fauna, as well as the wonderful local customs and spiritual qualities that we have inherited from our ancestors and continue to cultivate together.Here and now, we announce the birth of Photo Town Higashikawa to our friends around the world.




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