Maubert Gallery

Arnaud Lesage

Florent Maubert and Charles Rischard founded Maubert Gallery in 2010. With an academic background in visual art and contemporary dance, they lead a prospecting work focused towards young creation. Among these emerging artists, Sara Favriau benefited from solo exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo 2016, MAC-VAL 2018 and represented France for the first Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, Agnes Geoffray in Rencontres d’Arles for the 40th anniversary of Pompidou Center and Nicolas Daubanes won the 2018 Prix du Palais de Tokyo which leads to a personal exhibition there in 2020.

Maubert Gallery also promotes artists already recognized by the art world: Larry Bell, Troika, Lucien Herve, Joachim Bandau (acquired by Pompidou Centre in 2016, and exhibited at Kunsthalle Basel during Art Basel 2017 for Ungestalt, curator Elena Filipovic)…These artists, first discovered by the gallery, investigate above all themes around perception, study of formal shapes, usage, gesture, space and traces, while relying on their research around networks, human and societal, architecture and landscape.Florent is also a curator specialized in the relation between visuals artists and dancers. He created SPEED DANCING : a performed journey in galleries and will do two exhibitions at FRAC Franche-Comté in 2020.




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