Ilar Gunilla Persson

Castle of Air
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My artistic oeuvre can be described as abstract, thunderous landscapes with installations, contemporary political art mixed with nature mystique. I work with objects close to me to affect and question the viewer. Everything is not always what it seems to be. But in dreams everything can be. my images move between what is real and dream. What is reality? Mysterious, thunderous, nordic landscapes in a soulful joy.

Tvättlina (Washing line) is a community art project where anyone can support equal values by hanging out a washing line in the colours of the rainbow. The project On Northern Routes is a union of northern artists searching to rediscover the human connection with nature. Ilar Gunilla's art combines the abstract, the collective human and the surprising in ways that stimulate the viewers own reflections.

Ilar Gunilla Persson (b. 1968, Sweden) is a photographer and artist and has a BA degree in photography from Finland's University of applied sciences. Gunilla often works internationally and in several art constellations with and among other artists. The artwork often concerns politics and taking a standpoint for equal values for everyone, as in the project God, Love, Pride about HBTIQ people who have an upraise or background in a religious community.
Ilar Gunilla Persson