When I killed your tulips

Still lifes of re-photographed and printed objects

Words by

Stefano Conti

© Stefano Conti | When I killed your tulips

With the series When I killed your tulips, I explore the social biography of objects through the medium of photography, and how the meaning of objects changes throughout history. Snapshots depicting statues and pure materials are repeatedly printed out, re-photographed, and playfully juxtaposed to still lifes.

© Stefano Conti | When I killed your tulips

My cross-disciplinary way of working intertwines photography, sculpture, and collage, with which I aim to explore the limits of photographic space and to question the perception of things taken for granted.

© Stefano Conti | When I killed your tulips

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© Stefano Conti | When I killed your tulips

To investigate what we perceive as a photograph, I reflect upon the fragmentation of the contemporary digital sphere with re-arranged objects in conversation with printed matter. In the last years, my projects took the form of installations in which I juxtaposed photographic prints to objects and materials, expanding them from the walls to the floor.

© Stefano Conti | When I killed your tulips
Stefano Conti (1994, Italy) lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. He holds an MFA in Photography from Valand Academy, Gothenburg, and a BFA in Photography from LABA, Brescia (Italy). His work has been exhibited at Faux Pas, Landskrona Foto Festival, Galleri Format, Premio Nocivelli, SIFEST OFF, and La Triennale. Upcoming exhibitions will take place at Galleria San Fedele (Milano, IT) and in Göteborg at Konstepidemin (Sweden).

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