All the rivers flow in the nuthouse

Ogulcan Arslan
All the rivers flow in the nuthouse

This is a trip through the mind and everyday life of  "others’ land”: the land of adolescents with mental illnesses who live in state clinics in Turkey. The so-called "Children of the State".

Ogulcan Arslan tells through borderless words of his schizophrenic friend "who loves to wear red", the color and the inner monsters of that world, thanks to a reckless and sometimes disturbing fantasy.

Photos and text by Ogulcan Arslan

Design by Origini edizioni & Leporello

Handcrafted realisation by Origini edizioni

Printrun in 200 copies numbered and signed

Closed book dimensions 22x32cm approx.

120 pages, 60 photos 4 colours and b/w

Language: English.

All the rivers flow in the nuthouse
Ogulcan Arslan
Origini edizioni & Leporello
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