Politik von Medienbildern / Politics of Media Images

Jonas Höschl

"Which framing do we use to perceive images? How comprehensively is our perception of global events influenced by the way they are presented in the media? Which contextualisation comes closest to the actual events? Can there be a reporting that reflects this objectively?" Raising questions like these - posed by art historian and photography theorist Mira Anneli Naß - rather than presenting answers is at the core of Jonas Höschl's artistic practice. Based on his media-reflexive work, in Politik von Medienbildern the artist brings together numerous theorists, artists and authors who deal with media-theoretical questions in our increasingly fragile present time. The contributions make our social inflammations and injuries painfully tangible under a burning glass.

German, English

2022. 320 Seiten, 130 Abb.

15,00 x 22,50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-5301-2

Politik von Medienbildern / Politics of Media Images
Jonas Höschl
Hatje Cantz
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