4th Chania International Photo Festival

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4th Chania International Photo Festival is pleased to announce that it will be held again this year, faithful to its appointment. Despite the unprecedented conditions that the whole planet is still experiencing, we had a great response from photographers worldwide.

This year, from July 1, 2021, photographs by 380 artists from 71 countries, will be presented at Grand Arsenal (Center for Mediterranean Architecture), in the Old Port of Chania. Cip Festival will once again be presented by LensCulture, an international photography platform with millions of registered photographers. This way we managed to have a much greater visibility of the Festival worldwide.

An international jury consisting of 17 judges undertook the task to select the best photos from the ones submitted, which will be exhibited at the Festival.

The members of the committee are the following:

  1. Alain Schroeder, Belgium, Photographer
  2. Alexey Sorochan, Ukraine, Photographer
  3. Anton Alymov, Russia, Photographer
  4. Ben McRae, Australia, Photographer
  5. Bob Patterson, USA, Publisher Street Photography Magazine
  6. Chlesea Nix, USA, Photographer
  7. Dennis Ramos, USA, Master Fine Art Photographer
  8. Frank Van Es, Netherlands, Photographer / Professor at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
  9. Guy Needham, New Zealand, Photographer
  10. Heike Suhre, Netherlands, Photographer
  11. Isabella Tabacchi, Italy, Photographer
  12. James Niven, New Zealand, Photographer
  13. Maria Toutoudaki, Greece, Blank Wall Gallery Director - Chania International Photo Festival Director
  14. Mariano Cortez, Argentina, Photographer
  15. Markos Dolopikos, Greece, Photographer / Blank Wall Gallery Artistic Director
  16. Nick Apostolopoulos, Greece, Assistant Professor Department of Photography and Visual Arts School of Applied Arts and Culture University of West Attica
  17. Ron Colbroth, USA, Photographer

© Teik Ow, Malaysia | Submerged

July 1, 2021
July 6, 2021
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