Festival Photo du Guivinec

© Baudouin Mouanda

Let's just say that in 2011, the bet seemed a bit crazy, the omens remained perplexed about the initiative of an open-air photo festival that would leave the conventional and restricted space of an exhibition hall and, what's more, was free and accessible to all, 7 days a week, for 4 months.
In a town resolutely turned towards the sea and rich in maritime history, the theme of Man and the Sea was a spontaneous choice.

10 years later, the adventure continues. The 11th edition will be marked by the continuation of the photographic journey on the other side of the port, in the commune of Tréffiagat-Léchiagat.
As last year, despite the health context, we wanted to maintain the festival as a form of resistance to this storm that is still sweeping the world today.

Edition after edition, the festival, through its multiple windows on the sea, the oceans and the rivers, invites each visitor to stop and marvel at the images and listen to what the photos say.

Baudouin Mouanda - Le ciel de saison
Didier Bizet - Aral dreams
François Bourgeon - Les passagers du vent
Pepe Brix - Les pêcheurs de morue - Les derniers héros portugais
Denis Dailleux - Ghana
Sylvain Demange - Somos perscadores
Bertrand Desprez - Kruzenshtern
Nigel Dickinson - Sara, le pèlerinage des gitans
Gildas Hemon - The box
Richard Pak - La firme
Michel Thersiquel - La criée de Keroman
Lorraine Turci - Sumut ? ("Où vas-tu?")

Le Guilvinec
June 1, 2021
September 30, 2021
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