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The global development of transport and communication technologies has shaped an interconnected and interdependent world. Access to information and great migratory flows have created a planetary consciousness through a rapprochement between cultures and an establishment of new relationships and common goals. At the same time, they have also revealed growing economic inequalities, ideological prejudices and reactionary policies.

In this new scenario, a series of technological, social, cultural and environmental phenomena are updating the traditional notion of sharing. The idea of solidarity based on generosity and integration that presupposes hierarchies between communities is being replaced by movements that call for horizontal, respectful forms of movement, coexistence and celebration of difference. A complex scenario in which the liberalization of information on the Internet has fostered polarization, focusing the public debate on the limits of freedom of expression and surveillance capitalism. In a world governed by the individual accumulation of goods, the fear of the other in a context shaken by a global pandemic –which accentuates distances, moreover–, the right, the need and the responsibility to share things take on vital relevance.

In its 15th edition, Getxophoto International Image Festival aims to use unconventional installations in the physical and digital space to explore the new meanings this idea of sharing has acquired. We therefore invite artists from all over the world to participate in this call with proposals that use photography, video, installation, performance, actions, digital art or any other means of visual expression.

GETXOPHOTO, International Image Festival, takes place in Getxo, the Basque Country, close to Bilbao. This festival is committed to the use of formats, supports and unconventional spaces to circulate the work of international visual artists.

GETXOPHOTO is conceived to walk around the city and delve into the exhibitions in a few hours. Most of them are set outdoors, which allows the audience to decide the moment and rhythm of the visit. We also recommend some routes, depending on the time available or the needs of the visitors: together with children, full day or just a few hours, among others.

All the exhibitions are free and, besides, the Festival offers a wide program of activities, addressed to professionals and amateurs willing to learn or live through an experience around the image.

September 2, 2021
September 26, 2021
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