Nan Goldin | This will not end well

Stedelijk Museum
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Nan Goldin, Brian and Nan in Kimono, 1983. © Nan Goldin.

The retrospective This Will Not End Well is the first exhibition to present a comprehensive overview of Nan Goldin’s work as a filmmaker. The exhibition will be installed in six unique buildings designed by Hala Wardé, an architect who frequently works with Goldin. Each building is designed in response to the specific piece. Together they constitute a village.  

The exhibition is comprised of: The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1981–2022), Nan Goldin’s magnum opus; The Other Side (1992– 2021), a historical portrait produced as an homage to her trans friends whom she photographed between 1972–2010; Sisters, Saints and Sibyls (2004–2022), a testament to the trauma of families and suicide; Fire Leap (2010–2022), a foray into the world of children; Sirens (2019–2020), a trip into drug ecstasy; and Memory Lost (2019–2021), a claustrophobic journey through drug withdrawal.  

Stedelijk Museum
The Netherlands
October 7, 2023
January 28, 2024
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