Paradise, Performance, Replika. Slovenian Photographic Art

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
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Conversation about cosmic engergy 01, 2022, from the series BIRDS OF PARADISE, © Vanja Bućan

The play with repetition, the staging of roles, viewing the environment: as examples of contemporary photography in Slovenia, the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) presents three artists who explore the boundaries of photography in an experimental way. In her series “Birds of Paradise”, Vanja Bućan (*1973, Novo Gorica) dissects traditional roles of women with humorous surrealism. Jošt Dolinšek (*1997, Ljubljana) questions the visual perception of nature, with images, sound and photographic installations. With the ideas of replicas and illusions in his works Bojan Radovič (*1960, Novo Mesto) offers a character of narrative and fiction.

The exhibition PARADISE, PERFORMANCE, REPLIKA. SLOVENIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC ART is curated by Celina Lunsford, Artistic Director of the FFF, together with co-curator Andrea Horvay. The show is FFF’s contribution to the Guest of Honour programme of Slovenia at Frankfurt Book Fair 2023.

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
October 7, 2023
January 7, 2024
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