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Image Vevey
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Since 2008, the Biennale Images Vevey has become the most significant biennial exhibition of visual arts in Switzerland and an international authority for contemporary photography.

Every two years, it brings artists, visitors and media from all over the world together around a unique concept: Whether indoors or outdoors, in parks or other public spaces, all the artists’ installations are custom-made and enhance the features of the Swiss Riviera.

The Biennale Images Vevey is renowned for its monumental photographic installations created in collaboration with artists such as JR, Cindy Sherman, Martin Parr, and Thomas Struth. Over its 8 consecutive editions presenting the work of over 450 artists from some 60 countries in a bespoke format the Biennale has been a catalyst for cultural exchange and encounters.

The Biennale returns for three weeks, from 7 to 29 September 2024, with around 50 new projects and expects to welcome more than 60,000 visitors.

This year’s topic “(dis)connected” focuses on a contemporary conundrum of when unavoidable nostalgia meets inquisitiveness about an unpredictable future.

(dis)connected: the theme of the Biennale Images Vevey 2024 explores one of the major issues of our time – the great divide created by digital technologies between past and present. The projects presented aim to create links between a certain nostalgia for the past and curiosity about an uncertain future. With this in mind, some fifty national and international photographic projects will be presented, playing on the feelings of connection and disconnection between tangible reality and digital fantasy. Indoors and outdoors, throughout the city of Vevey, artistic proposals play on the feeling of connection and disconnection between tangible reality and digital fantasy.

Image Vevey
September 7, 2024
September 29, 2024
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