Portrait of Humanity

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© Priscilla Falcón Moeller, Winner 1e place 2019

Portrait of Humanity is one of the greatest collaborative photography exhibitions in history. At its core, Portrait of Humanity will be a celebration of our shared values: Individuality, Community and Unity. Find out how you can get involved in Portrait of Humanity 2020.

Portrait of Humanity is an international photography award, focused on unifying the global community.
Enter now to have your images shown across the world, and judged by industry leaders.
Be part of the movement. Together, we will create a Portrait of Humanity. We are inviting photographers to submit work to Portrait of Humanity, an international photography award celebrating the unity of human beings around the world.

We want to get an insight into the lives of people from across the globe; to capture laughter, courage, moments of reflection, journeys to work, first hellos, last goodbyes, and everything in between.

There is more that unites us, than sets us apart. Be Exhibited Worldwide. 50 winning images will be exhibited around the world.

October 1, 2019
December 18, 2019
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