Sarah Moon. Time Stands Still

Foto Colectania
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© Sarah Moon | The tightrope walker, 2003

"Time Stands Still" suggests a captivating voyage through the expansive and enigmatic work by photographer Sarah Moon, encompassing over 80 photographs that reflect her extraordinary trajectory over several decades. This exhibition serves as a profound immersion into the creative universe of one of the most emblematic artists in contemporary photography.

Undoubtedly, Sarah Moon stands as a fascinating luminary in the realm of photography, renowned for her adeptness at capturing dreamlike and cryptic moments that transcend the bounds of reality. Born in 1941 in France, she commenced her career during the 1960s as a model in London and Paris. However, her true calling always lay behind the camera. Transitioning to photography in the early 1970s under the pseudonym of Sarah Moon, she swiftly carved out her distinctive style. Rather than overt sensuality, her images exuded an aura of mystery and ethereality. Swiftly, her work garnered attention from the fashion and advertising industry, leading to collaborations with iconic brands such as Cacharel, Chanel, and Dior.

While renowned for her prowess in fashion photography and remaining active in the field, Sarah Moon has expanded her horizons since the 1980s, delving into more introspective and personal realms of artistic expression, even venturing into the world of cinema.

Characterized by an intimate approach that defies traditional conventions, Moon's aesthetic thrives on capturing evocative moments that invite multiple interpretations and narratives, rendering her images as echoes from a realm of dreams. Throughout her illustrious career, she has experimented with techniques such as blur, movement, and long exposures, infusing her photographs with an added layer of mystery and poetry.

About the Exhibition:

The exhibition stems from a special invitation extended by Foto Colectania, granting Moon “carte blanche” to manifest her unique vision. This meticulously curated selection of works, spanning photographs, books, and five films, illuminates Moon's adeptness at capturing the essence of her subjects, regardless of their nature, and her transformative ability in reshaping reality through her lens. For Moon, cinematic production served as a novel avenue to continue her exploration of reality through moving images, crafting “new narratives that challenge conventional perceptions of time and space.”

"Time Stands Still" encapsulates a journey through Sarah Moon's artistic universe, brimming with mystery, beauty, and poetry. Through her evocative imagery, she beckons us to perceive the world through an altered lens, to interrogate our reality, and to explore the recesses of our imagination. The exhibition stands as an opportunity to appreciate the depth and versatility of one of contemporary photography's most genuine figures.

Foto Colectania
June 19, 2024
December 22, 2024
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