Fotografisk Center

Fotografisk Center, established 1996, is an independent organization, located in in the very heart of Copenhagen. A full range of fine art photography is shown, with an equal emphasis on both classic and contemporary artists of both Danish and international origin.Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Gisèle Freund, Alfred Guzzetti, Josef Koudelka, Henri Lartique, Sally Mann, Duane Michals, Inge Morath, Georg Oddner, Yoko Ono, Man Ray, Viggo Rivad, Christer Stromholm, Lars Tunbjork, Bruce Gilden and many more, among them the emerging artist whose willingness to experiment with the medium has helped broaden the definition of photography.The well lit gallery space covers 500 square meters and has a well stocked bookstore that specializes in photography. The store features major international publications, limited edition artists books as well as more than 20 in-house publications that accompany exhibitions. The Fotografisk Center publications extend beyond our own exhibitions with titles like Among Danish Jews, and Marianne Engberg: Photographs - both for the National Museum.




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