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Galerie VU' puts new life in the "Nouvelle Athènes" quarter

After ten years in the "Marais" area, Galerie VU' is surrounding a site overloaded with history and culture, in the "Nouvelle Athènes" quarter in north Paris : the Paul Delaroche hôtel. A prestigious address, different adjustable exhibition spaces for different scenographies, unforgettable meetings and exchanges, a new bookshop...
We present six exhibits a year. Our aim quite simply is to affirm, on our walls, the diversity of contemporary stylistic approaches, and to compare and contrast current viewpoints, so they can dialogue with their differences.

Galerie VU' works like any other commercial gallery: it is simultaneously a space for exhibiting and selling collectors' editions, offering monograph approaches, authors' dialogues, group or thematic approaches. Photography is the primary focus.

Galerie VU' resolutely places its identity in a post-documentary context. So it affirms its calling to defend two photographic approaches, one more intimate, often autobiographical, with Christer Strömholm and Michael Ackerman, among others; the other more conceptual, in the field of contemporary art with artists like Denis Darzacq and Hicham Benohoud , Jean-Christian Bourcart and John Davies.

Galerie VU' closely follows market trends, the globalization of which has ultimately expanded borders, bringing Asian, Indian and Arab scenes to us and, conversely, offering Western artists new exhibition opportunities. With its staff dedicated to specific development sectors, it can now expand the extent of an artist's popularity by fostering new appreciation of the artist's esthetics and discourse.

Galerie VU' has a strategy of national and international openness, by regularly having guest curators, going to meet collectors at fairs and exhibits abroad, and mounting more traveling exhibits, but also by initiating partnerships and coproductions, organizing regular meetings with private collectors (individuals and companies), institutions, foundations...

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