teNeues was founded by Dr. Heinz teNeues as a print shop in Krefeld, Germany in 1931 and remains a family-owned company to this day. After the shop was destroyed in World War II, the company was rebuilt in Kempen, 12 km away. Dr. Manfred teNeues, the founder’s oldest son, became managing director in 1951. In the postwar years, the company’s printing business blossomed, which was soon enhanced by initial publishing activities in the areas of artistic prints and wall hangings for schools. The first range of calendars was launched in 1958, while greeting cards supplemented the retail product line. In 1977, the publishing activities were spun off from the print shop and a separate company created: teNeues Verlag (the German word for publishing house). Hendrik teNeues, Dr. Manfred teNeues‘ oldest son, advanced the international business, founding the teNeues Publishing Company in New York in 1983. In addition to a diverse range of calendars, a range of paper goods and museum merchandising products was developed. Books were added in 1984, as teNeues became a longtime sales partner of Prestel Verlag and its English-language catalog in North America.




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