TOBE Gallery

TOBE Gallery is the first step of a bigger project called TOMAS BEA project. Tomas Opitz got a degree in Architecture in Caracas – Venezuela, at the same time his passion for photography has been getting stronger and stronger. Bea Puskás originally got a degree in Geology, but her affinity and interest in Art, motivated her to being even closer to it by finishing a Master in Cultural Management at the MOME University in Budapest - Hungary. These backgrounds have made us to start with this little gallery in October 2013 with the aim to provide the opportunity to present  Ibero-American and Hungarian artists on whom the ambition of high-quality artistic expression is part of the idea of experimentation on their works.  Our purpose with this new venue in the fine art photography and collage art field, in the city of Budapest, is to look for a newer dialogue, a different point of view, with a different way to express and communicate photography as art. We want to put contemporary photography in an upper level, to give to photography a value. A Value, which means that photography can be collectible and it can be a design element with which people can live in their own space.




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