La veritat interna

La Bala Studio
August 26, 2021
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The work La veritat interna stems from the need to escape from the frenetic pace of today’s society. We are at a moment of history where we are immersed in a digital and technological world every day. Every second we receive visual stimulus and massively consume digital elements, whether through graphic designs, images, videos. But we do not spend enough time keeping our attention on what we are observing. We consume everything around us in a limited amount of time, and we do not stop to look closely at any element. At La Bala Studio, we are aware of this problem, and we propose work against the current model of life we lead. We prefer to spend as much time as necessary observing our surroundings and seeking the experience of aesthetics. A philosophical movement that works sensory knowledge, responsible for producing pleasure in human beings. An understanding that is currently asleep from the fast pace at which we find ourselves. We are concerned with awakening our sensory knowledge, and we do so through elements such as works of art, buildings or landscapes, seeking their aesthetics, reflecting and letting our unconscious be expressed in our work. We are working with different materials, such as photography, papers, ink and various chemicals, thus expressing what we felt when observing a particular element.

La Bala Studio is an artist collective created in 2018, based in Barcelona by Berta Navarro (1998) and Mireia S Barriocanal (1996). Both have studied Photography and Digital Creation in Idep Barcelona (2016 - 2020). In their artworks, they explore different artistic disciplines, such as photography, painting, multimedia. They have the curiosity to explore their sensory knowledge through aesthetics; they can express their unconsciousness in their artworks. La Bala Studio has exhibited in a virtual exhibition called Symphonia by The Holy Art Gallery (London, 2021). It will exhibit in White Lab (Madrid, 2021) and in Niu Gallery (Barcelona, 2021).

La Bala Studio
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