Pano Threads

Giuseppe Satriani
July 4, 2024
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Photographing or creating images starting from photographs is already in itself a work made up of invisible connections between the photographer and the subject, be it animate or inanimate. Then, when the representation of this connection is the ultimate goal of the image, my task is to create or at least facilitate the establishment of that connection to then be able to view it.

Since the first attempts I made at the beginning of my photographic journey, I always wanted to include in the frame everything I perceived with my eyes and it frustrated me to see that there was no way to obtain it, no matter how wide angle I used until I discovered panoramic photography.

In this series I wanted to use the panoramic format to be able to visualize as much as possible those invisible connections often hidden to a superficial gaze.

Human fragility and the immensity of Nature; the secret life of trees and the connection with human beings; the reason for the flowers and the invisible threads they create with insects to perpetuate their existence; everyday life and art; divine and human; modernity and traditions; spirituality and music; spiral towards elsewhere; sharing and empathy; inner and superficial.

Giuseppe is a curious of life with idealistic tendencies and a fighter, that tries to keep aligned what he lives with what he feels. Born in Italy but moved years ago to Bilbao, Giuseppe works as an IT consultant. As a child, he would have liked to paint, but his skills prevented him; photography allowed him to channel his creative flow. Masters like: Fontana, Larry Fink, Fontcuberta, Pilar Pequeño, allowed him to put technique at the service of thought and intentionality. Giuseppe is a Dodho Collaborator and recognized in: EPA23-MUSE23- VIEPA21-IGPOTY22-20-19-18-PolluxAwards19. Featured in ICMPhotoMag; online exhibition Sineresi; selected for Descubrimientos- PhotoEspaña14-VIPHOTO14. Group exhibitions: FotoNoviembre15-13-St.Petersburg12- DeARTE12-13.
Giuseppe Satriani
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