Symphony of nature

Bernard BOSC
November 15, 2023
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This series of photographs represents the harmony of nature, a musical symphony seen from the sky, constantly in motion and regardless of the seasons. In my opinion, our creativity evolves and depends on nature or our environment. It influences us, as would the full moon, eclipses, tides and storms. Nature is surprising because it's intelligent and alive.

Bernard Bosc is of Guadeloupean origin, born in 1975 in Paris IV. He became a freelance photographer in 2009, a passionate and solitary pursuer of beauty and light, and in 2011, realized a childhood dream of discovering French Guiana, eventually settling there. He seeks to reveal the quintessence of the invisible that surrounds us, beauty in all its forms. For him, artists are visionaries: they create, invent and transform the elements of our daily lives to elevate our collective consciousness, which is an artist's mission. 
Bernard BOSC
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