Hold Me Tight

In my series Hold Me Tight, I explore moments of vulnerability and intimacy between my husband and two teenage sons.

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Allison Plass

© Allison Plass | Hold Me Tight

In my series Hold Me Tight, I explore moments of vulnerability and intimacy between my husband and two teenage sons, often while on family vacations in nature. A kind of sensory aliveness takes hold, and I see their changing bodies, in adolescence and midlife, register so much feeling. The sculptural quality of their forms reminds me of early ideas of classical beauty and the stories and struggles of manhood in Ancient Greek myth.

© Allison Plass | Hold Me Tight

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Their physical interactions too, distilled in a photograph, reveal heightened tensions of closeness that are familiar scenes throughout the history of Western art, yet speak to a resonance I might not otherwise see in daily life or in cultural representations of male relationships.

© Allison Plass | Hold Me Tight

Inspired by art history, psychology, and Greek myth, I explore the question of whether there exists an inherently masculine experience and reflect on the biases of our own cultural moment of narrow societal ideas of manhood. In this mythic space, an epic love story emerges between fathers, sons, and brothers that feels like unexplored territory in a traditionally homophobic American landscape.

© Allison Plass | Hold Me Tight
Allison Plass is a Fine Art photographer living in NYC. She received her MA in Art History at UC Santa Barbara with a focus on gender and representation in European Art, and completed the Advanced Track Program at the International Center of Photography. Her work draws inspiration from cultural representations of the past that continue to shape the collective imagination and the stories we carry about our own lives. She is a 2021 Critical Mass Finalist, and her work has been shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society’s International Photography Exhibition #163. She has received Honorable Mentions from the Center for Photographic Art for her work Heatstroke, and for her portrait series, Hold Me Tight from the 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award For Women Photographers.

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