Centro de Arte Alcobendas
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© Pilar Pequeño Tin dish and garlic. 2018

Museums are the guarantors of our memory and privileged places where the dialogue between the art of the present and the art of the past has taken place throughout all periods and styles.

This exhibition aims to turn us into fascinated listeners to the conversation between the artists of the present and those of the past, through the contemplation of the works that thirty-six artists of our time have produced in intimate dialogue with the Museo del Prado, at the invitation of the Friends of the Prado Foundation.
It is not only a conversation between living artists and dead artists, but also about what is alive in art, whether it was made today or yesterday. Yesterday and today, whether art is eternal, is an unimportant question. What is important is to see how artists love and seek the same things and how they talk and talk to each other because they use the same language.
In this way, artists of different generations, styles and techniques confront the fruit of the work of those who are their predecessors, but also their equals, their companions over the centuries on the journey of art.
The works brought together here are the fruit of a different and personal gaze, which opens up new ways of exploring the Museo del Prado's collections and offers us new points of view from which to contemplate them.

Centro de Arte Alcobendas
February 8, 2024
June 16, 2024
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