Call for Proposals for PhotoIreland Festival 2020

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PhotoIreland Festival 2013 | Cristina De Middel

PhotoIreland Festival invites national and international photographers and artists, emerging and established, to propose works to be part of the main exhibition of PhotoIreland Festival. This 11th edition will take place in Dublin, 8-19 July 2020, with exhibitions running throughout the month of July.

Projects from lens-based artists working within mixed media, moving image, technology-based, and other experimental practices are welcomed, as much as those with a formal and traditional approach. Performative pieces, those requiring screenings, event-based pieces, or other non-conventional exhibition presentations are also encouraged to be submitted. We welcome works created specifically for digital environments such as websites, Instagram, etc., as much as those that propose experimental crossovers of methodologies and technologies. In addition, we welcome essays, articles or other written works that engage with the subjects proposed.

Artists can apply under one of the following calls:

1. Focus Call

Artists applying under the Focus Call should submit works around the following topics:

  • On Post-media: Photography, the artefact, and the Post-Digital.
  • On Private versus Public in contemporary life.
  • On the Photographic, and its digital future.
  • On Societal perceptions and interpretations of images.
  • On Visual Culture as influence and power.

2. Open Call

You may consider to apply under the Open Call, where all subjects and works are welcome, if you feel your work doesn’t fall under the Focus Call, or you are in doubt. Applications under Open Call are equally considered for the main exhibition, and they are also considered for future opportunities throughout the year, such as the TLP Editions. This strand was created to facilitate the discovery of projects beyond the restricted festival subject, that could be equally interesting and relevant, and that would be missed otherwise.

January 1, 2020
March 1, 2020
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