Garry Fabian Miller: Deep Time

HackelBury Fine Art
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© Garry Fabian Miller | Hinge, 2020

HackelBury Fine Art, London is pleased to present ‘Deep Time’ a solo exhibition of new work by GarryFabian Miller in which he contemplates our existence with the unknown and our ability to take chances and evolve as a species.

During the first lockdown in spring 2020 Fabian Miller spent time deeply immersed in the landscape
of his native Dartmoor. With life on hold he reflected on his relationship with photography, the end of cibachrome and his beloved darkroom and considered his direction going forward as an artist and how to navigate changing times.

Citing Charles Darwin as  ́the colossus in my life ́ and talking about photography as an evolutionary medium, he set out to glory in the demise of the darkroom whilst embracing the opportunity for change and adaptation that it brings.

“To be alive is to evolve and fulfil your potential as a species. Those that survive will be those most open and responsive to change and willing to make themselves vulnerable and take chances”.

This maximum exposure to life and what it brings, both individually and collectively, enables GarryFabian Miller to ask existential questions about his purpose in life. He talks about ‘the act of witness
at the beginning and end of the day being central to my life ́ and this new work affirms his belief in bringing the core elements of colour and light from nature into his work “to make visible things that are invisible”.

In a sense Fabian Miller paints music and creates abstract compositions in which form and repetition create a rhythm and movement, where the edges of two different colours merge to create a third colour.This ‘in-between place’ or space between the sound resonates and weaves light together to create new pulsating tones. Miller ́s recent and ongoing exploration of the colour palette from cibachrome reflects this musical analogy in which notation is built up to create layering that produces a musical harmony and balance.

HackelBury Fine Art
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