LensCulture Portrait Awards 2020

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Seeking new visions in portraiture.

Portraiture and photography have been linked since the medium’s inception. What started with formal family Daguerreotype portraits in the 1840s developed into a centuries-old fascination with making and looking at photographs of people — a love that we see translated in the popularity of this award every year.

The LensCulture Portrait Awards are open to photographers at all levels of experience and all interpretations of portraiture. Your work may be made in the studio with professional lighting or snapped on a smart-phone during your travels, what matters is not your method but your ability to move your audience. From quirky self-portraits to candid portrayals of family and friends, from staged and conceptual photographs of public figures to environmental portraits, we want to see your work! Winners will enjoy career-changing opportunities including exhibition in New York in April 2020, extensive media coverage, projection at international photography festivals, cash prizes and more.

Scroll down to meet our expert international jury and read about our free entry option for single image submissions (offer ends 29 January).

Introducing our first award of the decade: the LensCulture Portrait Awards.

Are you a talented creator of photography portraits? We're seeking remarkable image makers from all parts of the world, whether you're using innovative new approaches to portrait photography, making quirky self-portraits, traditional studio portraits or something in between.

Winners will enjoy career-changing opportunities including exhibition in New York in April alongside Paris Photo New York, projections at international photo festivals, industry and online exposure, cash awards and more!

Get your submissions in early and take advantage of our free entry offer (ends 29 January, 2019).

As always, this award is open to photographers of all ages, working in any location, in any genre of photography. Good luck with your submissions, we can’t wait to see your work! ENTER TODAY, IT'S FREE »

January 8, 2020
February 19, 2020
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