“Où sont les femmes photographes ?”

Spéos Gallery, 7 rue Jules Vallès 75011
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© Chanel Irvine | Untitled

Foto Femme United, “Où sont les femmes photographes ?”

Foto Femme United will present “Where are the women photographers?” at the Spéos Gallery, 7 rue Jules Vallès 75011 Paris, from 25th February to 10th April, 2020.

Opening of the exhibition: 25th February 2020, from 6pm to 9pm.

Where are the women photographers? It is no secret that the art world is dominated by men (about 3:1 worldwide) despite the fact that more women are graduating from photography schools (about 75% of graduates worldwide are women, according to the New York Times). Can we truly say we are getting the whole story when so many voices are not being heard? Foto Femme United (FFU) challenges the male gaze of the photography industry by acknowledging the lack of disparity and intersectionality.

Foto Femme United’s objective of this exhibition is to bring visibility to female photographers in various sectors of photography: art, concept and portraiture. In addition, the photography chosen – although varied – is all connected by different approaches to and aspects of women. It highlights the work of Spéos Alumni photographers Chanel Irvine, Eva Iova, Karolien Wilmots and April Wiser.

Foto Femme United (FFU) was created in 2018 by founder April Wiser, an avid women’s rights activist. FFU is a platform of empowerment for women, nonbinary and trans photographers worldwide. Their mission is to exhibit, feature and promote activism in the photography industry to achieve diversity through equity.

April Wiser is an internationally published and exhibited photographer. Themes of time, memory, dream, duality, personal history and emotion are delicately woven into her images, which are often made in a montage style. April is a Spéos 2010 Alumni from the Professional Photography in 1 year.

Spéos Gallery, 7 rue Jules Vallès 75011
February 25, 2020
April 10, 2020
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