Belgrado Photo Month

Our mission is to give visibility to Serbian photographers and photography itself. To show Serbia, the Balkans and the world what is happening in Belgrade, one of the most exciting cities in Europe. To show Serbia what is happening in the world by bringing international photographers to the city and organizing accompanying events during 33 days – from March 29th to April 30th 2018, the 3rd edition of the annual event.Until today there wasn’t anything similar to this in this area. The nearest ones are Ljubljana, Vienna, Budapest or Bratislava. Belgrade deserves to be in the photography map and we will put it in. With humility, but also with ambition.For this first edition we will focus on photography exhibitions all around the city of Belgrade, but we will also include screenings of movies with photography as main topic, promoting the photography material and book market, workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews, etc. all in collaboration with different people and cultural collectives from Belgrade.




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