Grenze Festival

We like to think that a festival can generate a permanent and recognizable community. We like to think that the values that determine its identity and distinction can reverse the trajectories of the system in place, fueling good practices and creating new perspectives. We like to think that gratuitousness is the stumbling block and the stretch mark that brings together participants and audience, the public and professionals. gratuitousness as the branch of relationships, gratuitousness as the horizon of a peripheral utopia, floating but with a global and pure vision. Those who participate in Grenze donate a parallel segment of its history, contemporary to its productive process, sharing with us the experience of interaction and above all the experience of a precious freedom. Gratuitousness is a common ground, a practicable free zone if its value and ultimate substance are shared. Donating, exchanging, participating become the conditions that make Grenze a way of living circumstances, inventing a line of escape that ultimately can be followed by everyone.




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