FotoFestival Naarden

FotoFestival Naarden (FFN) is a biennial exhibition which has long reflected the current state of autonomous photography. The last five editions concentrated mainly on Dutch photography and photographers. Photography moves and changes and therefore FotoFestival Naarden is also dynamic. Due to the current social, cultural and political developments on the national and international level, in 2019 Photo Festival Naarden will pay more attention to international photographers who focus on narrative photography. In addition, we have chosen several social and current themes. We can therefore make use of a large national and international network of photographers and curators which the FFN has developed over the past 30 years.The festival not only focuses on documentary photography, but also photography that is faithful to the basic principles of beauty and artistry. Just at this intersection of documentary and artistic photography we want to encourage visitors to think and help them develop their views on current events.




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