Jakarta International Photo Festival

The Jakarta International Photo Festival (JIPFest), Indonesia’s first international photography festival, is scheduled for June 25-July 9, 2019 at Taman Ismail Marzuki and dozens of public spaces in Jakarta.The festival features 13 programs, consisting of Exhibitions, Fringe, Workshops, Urban Photo Tour, VIP Dinner, Performances, Bazaar, Panel Discussions, Artist Talks, Public Lectures, Portfolio Review, Projection Nights and Awards. The main theme for its debut: Identity.JIPFest involves more than 50 international experts, including photographers, photo editors, curators, critics, scholars, photography students, clubs, communities, gallery owners, as well as photography enthusiasts, and targeting over 15,000 local and regional participants.JIPFest carries two missions. Firstly, education. JIPFest aims to enrich photographers’ skill and expertise; to facilitate a forum in which photographers can exchange ideas; to forge connections that are vitally beneficial for Indonesia’s photography ecosystem but currently rarely available, namely curators and critics; and to raise general public awareness on photographers’ important role in the society.Its second mission, welfare. JIPFest aims to enhance public appreciation towards photographers and their works; to boost the prestige of photographs as collectible artworks; and to provide a platform for photographers to promote their works to the intended audience.




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