Mt. Rokko International Photo Festival

Mt.ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL 2019 will be held again this year. This photo festival, which started in 2013, marks the seventh edition this year. During this time, many photographers from all over the world have been invited and exhibited at the festival. We have been exhibiting photographers not by their name but it goes beyond the boundaries of nationality, race, religion, etc. We have been exhibiting the works of artists who encourage communication with people. And so, this festival is unique photo festival in Japan that encourages domestic photographers to create works through communication, and helps photographers to challenge the international stage through conversation between international photographers and photo professionals. This year’s theme is “My Place My Life”. Along with guest photographers’ works, works from all over the world will be recruited, and works with excellent results will be displayed. This theme pursues how the photography is important for the society that it show every small story has its own power in the midst of a disturbing atmosphere brought about by the instability of the international situation. Conflicts, wars, discrimination and human rights issues. Declining birthrate and aging population and economic disparity. When people understand stories brought by photographers, this theme will be the first step in solving those problems through communication by knowing yourself and knowing others.




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