Nordic Light Festival of Photography

During a few days in the springtime, on the rugged west coast of Norway, world renowned photography legends, aspiring photographers, students and lovers of photography gather in the small and charming Norwegian coastal city of Kristiansund. The festival program presents lectures, exhibitions, gallery talks, book signings, portfolio reviews, and movies, and attracts photographers from all over the world.Every year Nordic Light invite 20 to 25 photographers from all over the world to join us in Norway, and so far we have had the pleasure of having master photographers such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, James Nachtwey, William Klein, Mary Ellen Mark, Mona Kuhn, Greg Gorman and Sarah Moon visiting us.Our intimate and unique location facilitates inspiring meetings between the legendary photographers and festival visitors. Nordic Light is about the eye opening meetings between people: between artists and audience, between amateurs and professionals, between photographers and photographers. It’s all about sharing stories and experiences. And all of this surrounded by the beautiful blue light of the Atlantic Ocean.Our unique location and nature, and our high quality program have given us a reputation far outside the borders of Norway.




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