A quiet March morning

Giorgio Gerardi
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The images that I present are part of the Clouds project, a project that I started in July 2019 and that I have developed in several series, in colour and in black and white, and this is one of the last. Clouds are a subject that has always fascinated me. They constantly change to remind us of the continuous becoming of reality. Clouds have no shape of their own, but change moment by moment, in ways that are always different and unrepeatable. They are light, elusive. They cannot be grasped; they cannot be touched; they remain indefinite, almost unclassifiable. As with my other works, I start with a single photograph, and I rework it with digital graphics programs, looking for details that otherwise get lost in the whole of the representation. Details that I enlarge since the images are created to be printed in large format, at least 150 x 100 cm (60 x 40 inches). I also like to highlight the pixels of the image to get the effect of the grain of the old photographic film.

Giorgio Gerardi has been capturing images with his camera since childhood, always self-taught. During the last three years, he started again with a research, which he set aside many years ago. His series comprises 3 to 15 images, startingwith a raw file that he processes until he gets a result that he likes.
Giorgio Gerardi
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