Blooming in the Dark

Elizabeth Bloom
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Photography has given me the possibility to express myself in a way that nothing else could. When I create my work, I let myself go to what flows in my mind: I get carried away by vivid colours, lights, sparkles, things that you can only purely feel in a dream. I think that my work is about creating an illusion. With my pictures, I want to give the impression that you can also live in another dimension, like a parallel world. In this world, you are able and free to create whatever you want with no limitations. With my photographs, I am able to recreate my dreams, my different moods and emotions. In the last year, I discovered that I really enjoy taking pictures of flowers. I think that they are the most beautiful thing in the world. They are so delicate in shape but strong in perfume, so small in size but great in beauty, so short in life but with such a long effect, just like dreams.

My name is Elizabeth Bloom. I live in Urbino, a small city in the center of Italy. I am currently studying graphic design and visual communication. Photography gave me the opportunity to fully express myself. Through my images, I always try to catch the mysterious part of the world. I like to observe what surrounds me, waiting for something to catch my attention: from flowers to stars, from eyes to sea waves. I have always loved drawing since I was little. I often draw houses and windows. I still don’t know why. Maybe someday I will figure it out.

Elizabeth Bloom
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