Jennifer Maiotti
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Cadenza is an ongoing series exploring self-portraiture and performance. In the silence of our personal walls, there is space for an improvised passage or cadenza. Often long and difficult, the cadenza is a solo act usually near the end of the first or final movement. Unrestrained and expressive the soloist can indulge in displays of virtuosity that at times have little to do with the music preceding it. Finding escape in the freedom of the cadenza, the self, as a solitary performer, leans on innovation and imagination. The term 'cadenza' appeared shortly before 1500 as a synonym for the Latin' clausula', meaning conclusion. The Latin word 'cadentia' later came into use. Both terms come from cadere ('to fall') and refer to a descending melodic line before a section's final note.

Jennifer Maiotti is a freelance writer, producer, and photographer whose clients include: National Geographic, Discovery, and History Channels. For more than a decade, she has covered sensitive topics, including religion, criminal and social justice, and most recently, natural disasters. As a storyteller, she searches for real moments of emotion and natural beauty. Jennifer received recognition from the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers and the Moscow International Foto Awards. Her photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally. They have been published in Shots, FotoNostrum Magazine, Ain't-Bad, and Vogue Italia/PhotoVogue. Her background also includes classical music studies in flute and piano.
Jennifer Maiotti
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