Infinite Land

Marta Dabrowska
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Land is infinite. Photography allows framing only a tiny fragment of its vastness. Our limited perception brings immediate dissatisfaction. The camera frame denies the experience of never-ending openness of land unrestricted by the superimposed aspect ratio or inherent geometry of the viewfinder. The idea of Infinite Land came about when two mirrored landscapes were printed on the same sheet of paper. This accidental juxtaposition suddenly allowed me to see more. The series presented here does not contain mirrored landscapes, however. Instead, different photographs are combined to recreate the immensity and beauty of the encountered land. The collaged images bring back memories and the feeling of happy dizziness after long hikes in the wilderness.

Marta Dabrowska is a photographer and architect based in New England. Her spacious, austere photographic style was influenced by her career as an architect in London, where she started to explore shapes of the city and how landscapes are altered by human presence. As a dedicated traveller, Marta documents transformations of pure, virtually untouched environments. Random marks left by people, forgotten structures, imposed geometries are vital inspirations for her work. Her photography uncovers hidden details and abstract forms while playfully experimenting with shadows, reflections and textures. Marta is constantly refining her style, searching and learning.
Marta Dabrowska
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