Lost in the Woods

Tina Numberger
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During the creation of the cycle Lost in the Woods, my path led me to an intensive study of different structures and their representation through photographic and other artistic techniques. This leads me further and further into abstraction. I start with photos that I have taken myself. I am particularly interested in the detail and thus the microsphere of the forest. I am attracted by amorphous structures that have a certain imperfection. I use digital and analogue shadow drawing to dissect, alienate and collage these photographic motifs. The process of photographing and reorganising the resulting images is very lengthy and requires a lot of care. The results are meant to invite contemplative pausing and to captivate with their clear depth effect. The supposedly romantic view opens up a wide field of associations for the viewer. He recognises the familiar, which is mixed with his own feelings and memories. In the end, however, they have to realise that what they thought they were seeing is quite different.

I was born in 1961 in Ludwigshafen, Germany. After completing with Master of Art in 1987, I made illustrations for the advertising industry. Since 1989 I have created paintings, linocuts, etchings and showed my work in various group and solo exhibitions. In 2004 I started photography, first to support my printing arts, but soon it developed to an independent branch of my art projects. Today I often combine photography and linocuts.
Tina Numberger

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