Magnificent Magnolias

Jo Fields
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The foundation of my life was lost in the sudden, unexpected death of my mother, followed by the decline and death of my father. Although I had been interested in photography for several years, it evolved into a cathartic process to work through grief and seek answers to the life questions that remained. I had spent too much time being what the world expected me to be. So I turned myself into art to find an outlet for my rebuilding process. Photography allows me to observe, reflect and capture the serendipity, contradictions and interdependence of humanity and nature. I look for beautiful light and intimate shadows to capture how things feel instead of how they look. Challenging my "safe" existence to confront fear of failure and the negativity of perfectionism became my gratitude therapy to capture a deeper beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".

Jo Fields is a fine art photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. Although her career is in healthcare information systems, Jo's first love was the expressive interpretation of music as a flautist. Photography has gradually taken over as the primary passion with the colours, shapes and details in the 'music' of nature. Photography became a cathartic and therapeutic personal journey that is a fusion of emotional, technical, and creative processes. Jo's work has been selected for over 70 juried exhibits in art galleries in seven states. Jo continues her expressive interpretation by using post-processing to combine her love of photography, technology, and nature in her work.

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