Night light in Uppsala

Elli Asker
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Elli started This project, Night Light in Uppsala, in November 2021 during the shortest days in Sweden. Fortunately, festivals are held in Uppsala every year, like "All light in Uppsala". These incredible beautiful light installations give warmth to the city. The colours of artificial light combined with the nature of the night create a harmonious synthesis and give pleasant sensations to residents and guests of the city. In the city's atmosphere, one can feel the joys of hope, love and faith, which the population of our planet has lacked so much in the past two years, during the pandemic. Elli also experienced the atmosphere of the city and wanted to capture her sensations and convey them to the viewer. When she was preparing this project, Elli was especially inspired by the colour style of Georgi Pinhasov, Ernst Haas and Clarissa Bonet. It is important for Elli if the viewer can feel the same experiences as she had. For her, that is the best reward and recognition for her work.

Born in Baku, having lived and worked in different countries, she now resides in Sweden and combines travel with a passion for Fine Art photography. She has a bachelor's degree in Political Science. After discovering the world of photography, it became an integral part of her and my world. She studied at Kiev School of Photography. Her teacher Dimitri Bogachuk influenced her understanding of art photography. In her work, she finds inspiration from artists in both painting and art photography, like the works of Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and many others. She was also inspired by cinema and directors such as Tarkovsky and Bergman. It is very important for Elli if the viewer can feel the same experiences, emotions and feelings as her so that it will be the best reward and recognition of her work. Currently, Elli is working on different projects, and her inspiration she found most in forms, geometry, colour and light. P.S. Elli Asker is her artistic name because she is a former refugee due to her sexual orientation.

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