Assunta Buono

Sea Landscape
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The sea with its dynamism can be considered the mirror of human emotions. Passing from joy to deep sadness, the sea moves pouring its bursting violence into the energy of its imposing waves or is capable of transmitting serenity like the warm embrace of a mother who cradles her child when her flow is calm and light.

The artist lives her childhood by breathing in a creative and stimulating environment, thanks to her mother, a master of art and the frequentation of local artistic environments. Her predilection for art explodes when she enrolled in the Faculty of Arts with a historical-artistic and cultural heritage address, where she graduated in 2005, here she dedicates herself to the study of art and criticism.

Born in Italy in Lacco Ameno on the island of Ischia on 11/3/1978. She works as a freelancer in cultural heritage as an archivist and paleographer, working for many years in the protection of cultural heritage. Over time, she develops a special predilection for the archives of artists, having long been involved in the recovery of the historical archive of the "Circolo Artistico Politecnico" Foundation of Naples, where she has also been curator of several vernissages and exhibitions of relevance in the Neapolitan territory. Her constant commitment to the protection of cultural heritage has continued in parallel with her teaching in literature and art history since 2013. A decisive and "creative" event that will prepare her for a new and spontaneous artistic impetus as a painter of abstracts, will be the birth of his son. Her is a personality who gives great importance to the design of the work and its projection into the surrounding environment, providing her creations with a personal, highly conceptual imprint, but aimed at a sophisticated, immediate and fresh language at the same time.
Assunta Buono