Stay Loose

Petra Jaenicke
June 21, 2022
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Stay loose In the Beuys Year 2021, the series "Stay Loose" was created as a homage to Joseph Beuys and the poem "How to be an Artist", which is attributed to him. Joseph Beuys would have turned 100 in May 2021. He wanted to abolish capitalism, heal the world with art, and his guiding principle was: "Every human being is an artist". In this respect, the poem provides insights into Beuys' thinking laboratory. Like my works, which enter into a dialogue with the poem and, with a wink, show what it takes to awaken the artist in every human being. Working artistically with the medium of photography is like dancing with and around the real, because every photo is a fragment of reality. By superimposing many realities, I open up the possibility of playing and experimenting with them. Reality thus becomes my individual interpretation. The doubling of the female figure and her simultaneous negative and positive portrayal also contributes to blurring the naturalism of the representation and reinforcing the meanings inherent in the image. My photographic works, which are multi-layered in the truest sense of the word, show the potential, the strengths, but also the fragility of my figures.

Petra Jaenicke is an experimental photo artist. After her photography studies in Germany, she worked in the field of art direction and photography. Since 2016 Petra is happy to be able to work only in the field of experimental photography. In 2019 she became artist of Galerie Ahlemann, Germany and in 2021, and of Albe Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi. She was named as selected artist 2019 of NNC, nonamecollectivegallery London, as member of an international artist collective.
Petra Jaenicke
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