Greta Valente

Tre Mesi
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Tre Mesi is a photographic project developed in southern Italy, between the provinces of Naples, Salerno and Caserta. I took these images because I needed to marvel at everyday life, far from stereotypical creativity, straddling the line between physical travel and inner exploration. During these three months, I needed to get in touch with objects, places and myself. They were ninety days in which I needed to detach myself from all fears, from any wall that human beings are used to creating, from the alienating monotony in which I have too often lost myself. Somehow, I felt the need to become a child again, to marvel at the landscapes and marginal details that we often take for granted or far from the common sense of aesthetically beautiful and perfect. With a slightly nostalgic outlook, I tried to empty myself entirely in order to exist. The journey, as often happens, proved to be a cathartic element, which helps us to get to know ourselves and understand our surroundings. All images were shot on medium format film, with a Zenza Bronica ETRS. The fact that I don't need to see the images instantaneously is a fundamental element for me to metabolise the journey, to experience it without distractions and to understand it in all its nuances.

My name is Greta Valente, and I am a young photographer of 25 years old. In 2018 I graduated from the IED in Milan in Photography and Visual Arts. In 2019 I founded a photography studio that focuses on interior and design photography. In 2021 I participated in the Ragusa Photo Festival portfolio readings and won an honourable mention, thanks to which I will have an exhibition next year. Since 2018 I have been alternating freelance photography work with personal research projects, focusing on landscape and still life. In particular, I have a deep interest in everything related to analogue photography and the image as introspection. I like to analyse the relationship between the human being and objects, the places he lives through the absence of the person and therefore only with the traces left behind.
Greta Valente